Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Rok Lok Records - Three Cassettes

Here are three recent cassettes from the Long Island, New York label Rok Lok Records. Amazingly these are release numbers one hundred and eleven through one hundred and thirteen. This is a very diverse group of compositions, having a very good chance to hold a beauty for all listeners. 

Listen, read & explore with these links:

Rok Lok Records site - bandcamp - facebook

Soda Lilies - Love Cemetery Tapes

Songs strung out with an almost de-tuned quality. Soda Lilies captures a modern charm, creating static filled pop with heavy tones of a late night affair. Sounds fall thick, like time has destroyed the magnetic tape, wobbling in and out of clarity. The energy of  Love Cemetery Tapes burned so deeply, no matter how old, the cassette spools still spin.  A composition that makes you think about how creative musicians are today.

Love Cemetery Tapes takes eight tracks to the grave. Vibrancy of sounds compressed in times crypts and smashed apart to spill on new listeners ears. Like the band Flipper crossed with Jesus and the Mary Chain, there is an enthusiasm heralding to pioneering new genres. Guitar strings loose and buzzing on the frets, raw drums driving sense and reason, making the entire project move through ghostly light. The soft styled vocals almost whispering as to not stir the spirits of the past. If you have read many of the posts on this site, my bias is towards the longest track "The Bees In My Stomach Are Dead And Getting Used To It". The only track without vocals, droning instruments taking on there own decaying form. Like really good fiction, hard to tell if this brand new or if Love Cemetery Tapes was found in buried in a thirty year old box of tapes.

Soda Lilies is from Austin, Texas and they joined forces with Rok Lok Records out of Long Island for this cassette release. Fifty tapes released in October of 2016. Currently available from the Rok Lok Records bandcamp page. Also Soda Lilieshas shows coming up if you are in the Austin area.
March 12th @Wake The Dead San Marcos, Texas and March 17th @ SXSW

Rok Lok Records site - bandcamp - facebook
Soda Lilies - bandcamp

Blueblack - Destroy

Fueled and ready, Blueblack speeds along with a fine crafted balance of driving sounds mixed with mesmerizing laid back contemplative gazing. With so much noise being made voluntarily, Destroy could lead thoughts asunder of what these sounds really are, but Blueblack's sound is well honed and tightly articulated. Heavy at times but not without knowing how to lay back and let listeners thoughts rest and catch up.

Seven tracks covering the sonic field with percussive stability. Blueblack does not really upon manipulation of sound like crazy synthesizer or special effects. So straight forward and using this approach, incredibly diverse. The tempo changes and alternations in timing of instrument use, make each track it's on affair. Because of taking the simple, and having the talent to exploit the melody in that context, Destroy is extremely solid in composition. "Branches Broke" is one track that uses spoken word reminding me a little of another New York band "Bongwater". The fifth track, "Spaghetti Western" holds the key to the footing of Blueblack. A instrumental rock ballad telling the story of both sides of the equation making up Destroy. From the slow swirl in the beating abysmal depths to psychedelic guitar riffs lifting above and tackling your consciousness.

Destroy was released in August of 2016 in a very limited edition of fifty. From Long Island, New York and partnering with Rok Lok Records also from Long Island, this is a stout composition showing off the sounds and creativity from the area. Copies are currently available from the labels bandcamp page. 

Rok Lok Records site - bandcamp - facebook
Blueblack - bandcamp - facebook

Atariame - Weirdo Goes to the Disco

Playing from a hazy dreamlike void, Atariame's sound cuts through and roots itself in your thoughts. Weirdo Goes to the Disco contains seven time lost tracks merging multiple genres into one contemporary sound. Glazed pop offerings drenched in an ambient mash of mysterious hypnotic vocals backed by rhythms of futuristic new wave electronics. This composition beckons you to draw closer while the enchantment of prismatic beauty finds aural pathways into your mind.

Most simply conveyed, the allure of Atariame grows with every listen. Being an outsider, these soft-hearted tunes almost seem to wisp by on the first time through. Like you are present but do not have the matured empathetic ability to truly understand. On the second listen, Atariame has shared wisdom and pulled your feelings from the cold night and closer to the flickering flames. The gossamer tones through out Weirdo Goes to the Disco are tethered to times passage with vintage polish of the early eighties. Only drawing from the past in a tributary quality, and with this moving the entire sound far into the distant future. There is a reminiscent tone to this tape reminding me of the first Flying Lizards record from 1979. Only Atariame has focused her sound in the trance like qualities of the past exchanging the avant-garde for melodic elegance.    

Released in a limited edition of forty cassettes by Rok Lok Records from Long Island. A really good choice for the label in keeping a well rounded diversity of the artist Rok Lok exposes. Copies are available from Rok Lok's bandcamp page.  

Rok Lok Records site - bandcamp - facebook
Atariame - bandcamp - facebook

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Günter Schlienz - Autumn

Autumn is a time for contemplation of both beauty and how quickly the world moves with us upon it. The changing color of leaves coupled with cold winds jolting the consciousness from the long humid and hot summer. The world baked for so many long months is now cooling. This process seems to free the mind and allow realization time is moving. Günter Schlienz has composed a pastoral and serene alluring ambient paragon. His sounds subtly mirror this change, pacing organic matter and its decent to the earth below.

Just about an hour, Autumn is arranged in three very distinctive tracks. The first "Oktober" is the longest and most uplifting. Notes played with a gentle sway, tones like light sparking through an ever expanding opening in the forest canopy. Birds seem to whistle in some synthetic speech just as graceful as true field recordings. Life is abundant and this spectacle in sound floats in harmony with the vibrant surroundings. "September" is a little darker. Clouds loom as arctic air pushes down into the lower continent. The drone of winter is looming and Günter captures this in comparison to the shimmering sounds on the previous track. Fortunately keeping away from the ensuing gloom, "September" is more mysterious than it is melancholy. More contemplative than heavily overwhelming. "November" is quiet. Ice has gripped the planet's surface and the notes move almost motionless. Frozen in place as the Aurora Borealis dances in electric harmony with the patterns this track forms. Like deities singing in celestial voices, "November" maintains the aesthetic grace the composition came into existence with.

This was released on the Polish label Zoharum in an edition of two hundred and fifty. Less than twenty percent of these compact discs remain and are available from the labels bandcamp page. Housed in a beautiful tri-panel medium configured by Rutger Zuydervelt of Machinefabriek and mastered by Łukasz Miernik. 

Zoharum site - bandcamp - facebook
Günter Schlienz site - bandcamp 

Cosmic Winnetou - Batch cwXII

Batch number twelve for Cosmic Winnetou is weighted heavier on the darker ambient side. Two thirds cups of whole wheat and one third cup of ground cane sugar. The resulting mix is perfect for cloudy winter nights and crystal clear blue sky mornings. Give these releases your ears and read if you like.

Here are the links if you do not like to scroll.

Cosmic Winnetou site - bandcamp - soundcloud


Hidden deep in space, marehelm slowly move into the solar system. Like Nibiru, only ancient text are familiar with the mystery. Dark sounds droning just above silence. Light summits above planetary horizons then disappears as the project lingers in the shadows. You could classify this as an epic ambient journey, but only for those with an understanding of where the thresholds of music can lead. Emptiness is beautiful and lonely.

Spanning close to forty minutes, marehelm has three tracks but plays like one long composition. The texture is dense, resembling a massive array of organ pipes breathing inwards instead of out. Like a galactic magnet, sounds are pulled from massive space, and channeled onto the cassette. There is a thought, all processes are in reverse. Waiting for this energy to be pushed forth as awareness becomes even more mired in this strange place. There are a few moments on the tape that pull on the tightly woven fabric, tears in the sonic field. This does little compared to the solitude your spirit will become entwined with. The deviation just confirms someone else is in control.

Released on Cosmic Winnetou in December of 2016. There are seventy in this edition and they are currently available from the labels site. marehelm has three previous releases on three other labels over the last couple of years. All of which have disappeared into the world of cassette collections.

Cosmic Winnetou site - bandcamp - soundcloud
Marehelm - bandcamp

ichtyor tides - antapices qadrant

With a over half dozen releases over the last five years, ichtyor tides has landed this new cassette effort on the German label Cosmic Winnetou. Industrial drone tempered with natural field recordings, this composition harbors sounds of future mankind with the sparse remains of the natural world. Avian life giving way to mighty vessels built with ambient tones of apocalyptic survival. Dark in texture, the planet spins on in constant threat of eventual collapse.

Fifty minutes crossing oceans we are yet to know. The mind slightly shudders as these foreboding tracks anchor in your consciousness. Vibrations similar to fingers running circles on fine pieces of glass, only magnified on a grandiose scale. Oscillations from the slow hum of steel or some yet discovered material to the higher pitches of compressed sonic waves. At times the entire environment is bombarded with solar debris as the world seems to waver in both beauty and destruction. Majestically antapices qadrant lifts above the atmosphere and recharges from stars energy as the world below is secluded from light. There are six tracks on this tape, but the entire listen plays more akin to one long sonic scene. As the tape flips from side to side, there is no beginning or end, only the space between where ichtyor tides exposes.

Seventy copies all hand numbered on the Cosmic Winnetou label. This is release number thirty seven for the label and was delivered in December of 2016. Copies are currently available from the Cosmic Winnetou site. Appropriate tones for the cold winter and sunless skies.

Cosmic Winnetou site - bandcamp - soundcloud
Ichtyor Tides site - bandcamp - facebook

christophe bailleau - porcelaine

Obscure transference of energy captured by Christophe Bailleau. Playful manipulations of melodies marred in the static of ambient haze. Sounds pulse with gossamer harmonies delivered with the best use of stereo technology. Porcelaine is a sparkling beauty similar to how water looks cascading over rocks in the steady flow of a mountain tributary. Tones are drenched then explode from the medium of dense molecules into the crisp air above. Let this listen send you with it's captivating current.

Over a half hour of mildly turbulent enchantment divided into six tracks blending seamlessly together. Like calliope music played for a steam driven carousel submerged in a crystal blue spring. Sounds are like faces of children and an assortment of animals grinning various smiles as light reflects from mirrors and murals. There is a driving resonance from skilled hands on the synthesizer. Slower speeds mesmerize the consciousness into dream states. Awakened by the increasing centrifugal force as the mind focuses on incantations of the composers control. The mood is effervescent and sends monotonous routines to little concern. Porcelaine traverses the sonic spectrum and connects the start with a circle of delightful form. A true pleasure to play continually as this juxtaposes ambient intensities with deft skill.

Working at the most productive rate without glazing over the sounds results in ocassions where words are delivered after the releases have sold out. Unfortunately this is the case for Christophe Bailleau's release of Porcelaine. Just arriving in December, these tapes are all ready sold out from Cosmic Winnetou's site. Try giving Christophe a message if you are interested in a copy or add this to your want list on discogs.  

Cosmic Winnetou site - bandcamp - soundcloud
Christophe Bailleau site - facebook

Friday, January 13, 2017

Whited Sepulchre Records - Future 2017 Release

Ryan with Whited Sepulchre Records sent this video over as a preview of  the debut album by MIDWIFE - a new project by Madeline Johnston (Sister Grotto).

This is Christian Marclay's "Guitar Drag" video using a track from the upcoming MIDWIFE release scheduled for the middle of June this year.

Lost In A Sea Of Sound described Sister Grotto's "You Don't Have To Be A House To Be Haunted" in June of last year. Click here to take a look.
Whited Sepulchre Records site - twitter - bandcamp - facebook

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