Thursday, March 23, 2017

Anybody But The Cops - The Shape of Punk To​-​Go

Finding the one spot where guitar, drums and bass fervently buzz over every inch of your consciousness. Eight minutes partitioned into four tracks, Anybody But The Cops is a stunt filled free fall that is over before the parachute ever opens.

The Shape of Punk To​-​Go is like a million piece jigsaw puzzle being assembled beyond human speed. Each component oddly shaped on the outside of the whole, then dexterously placed without hesitation. The balance of instrumentation is a beautifully striking feature. Everything can be deciphered on it's own ground and simultaneously working together as one. Quick and precise, that is Anybody But The Cops.

Released on the label Already Dead Tapes and Records. Gathering the four corners of the music rug and always looking for the spilled gems hidden in the fibers. An edition of three hundred and available on the labels bandcamp page.


Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp
anybody but the cops - facebook - bandcamp

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hit School - Hit School

Hit School impacts anyone in earshot with scorching musical shrapnel. The rhythms are spiraling obtuse triangles landing with points down and vertices slightly above the surface. The weight of these sounds forcing thoughts into a smothered paralysis. The entire tape plays with relentless guitar, bass, drums and agonized vocals. Be prepared for sonic annihilation.

Only twenty minutes long and nine tracks of warped tuned penetration. Played in a slightly askew dimension, the fierceness of the music trying to cross the vortex and the voice shedding the torment existing on the other side. Maybe this is Hasil Adkins trapped in some rocking noise hell. One thing is Hit School can lay it down without repose. Makes Shellac's At Action Park like a day in the park.

Released by Already Dead Tapes and Records in the late middle of last year. There is one copy of one hundred, remaining for sale on the labels bandcamp page. That says all that needs to be conveyed.

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Sound travels in monstrous forms. Hearing foreign wave lengths for the first time forces the mind to react. Formulating an opinion or trying to categorize what is being heard is meaningless at this point.
Allow the sounds to continue, the consciousness of another communicating through the aural medium, the experience is there. Cop Funeral rests beyond initial reaction of like or dislike. Similar to a craggy mountainside that is beautiful when viewed but treacherous when trekked. Depending on the variables of the place, the moment and the porousness of the receiving mind.

2 STRESSED 2B BLESSED is over a half hour of charred remains in audio transcription. The cycles of noise pierce through daily fabric and shred the binding foundations. An industrial pollutant mixing with thoughts and corrupting any manufactured safe havens. As with all things, like the predator catching and devouring it's prey, there is beauty in what seems tragic. Cop Funeral alters strides throughout this cassette. Balancing the listener on the needle point and putting the foot down on the sewing machine peddle. Sometimes it hurts, but the result is a well woven composition. The title of the second track "everything will be ok" is humorous after you listen to it, but "bloody tummy" sure is not.

This was released on Already Dead Tapes and Records. Joshua Tabbia an Already Dead label founder must work endlessly with the amount of releases the label produces. Adding to the output of the label is his own project Cop Funeral. Maybe this is where you end up when listening to so much music, broken and bleak blissfulness.    

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp

Monday, March 20, 2017

Storm Ross - Welcome, Sunshine

Really amazing to listen to new music and have little to compare it to. Storm Ross bends a magical arc of sounds across the horizon. A sea of creativity produces songs taking you genre hopping. Influences from times passage reverberate through theses tracks like smoke from a tempered fire. Ironically Welcome, Sunshine is more of the future in sound. Traditional guitar, bass and drums tilted on an uneven slope and heading at hyperbolic escape velocity trajectory.

Storm Ross delivers ten tracks at around forty minutes in length. There is a grand consistency maintained thought out the composition. No vocals, just a barrage of well played instruments with little sonic trickery. Sometimes straight forward rock with touches of no wave freak out. The saxophone playing coupled with blistering guitar licks strongly push Welcome, Sunshine past traditional thresholds. This is not without counter balance. Many of the songs are slower paced forays allowing the ears left behind time to catch up. This is needed because Storm Ross can explode with fury and drain listening constitutions at any moment. The transition from the fourth track "You Will End!" to the following track "A Life of Passwords", is a good example of the complexity lurking within this recording. And then "Lamentation" after that, droning canvas with guitar sparks leading the way. Kept going with "Atheon", worldly influenced paradise! Listen a few times and you will begin to understand.

Available on Already Dead Tapes and Records in both cassette and yellow vinyl format. Released in the fall of last year. Kudos for Already Dead getting this out there. Nothing like it at all.... An excellent path.

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp
Storm Ross - bandcamp - facebook

Friday, March 17, 2017

Tristan Welch - Lights (A) - Demo Cassette

Beautiful cassette by Tristan Welch titled Lights (A). Have had this for a little while and partial resisted describing it because the cassettes seem to be sold out or gone. Maybe Tristan only made so many. He has a new compact disc out with experienced musician Ron Oshima titled God Bless America. The newest cd is poles apart from Lights (A), making this release a listen in different directions. You can listen to the entire composition on Tristan's souncloud page, so this post does have a purpose.

Basking drone music, like heat rippling surface vision on bright sunny days. The consistent evaporation of water causing the atmosphere to become saturated. Then these tracks let loose in a crescendo of rumbling energy. The process is cyclic like the patterns of Tristan's sounds. Slow moving ambient drift, asking only for relaxed ears. Peacefulness given place with the most controlled maelstrom. Both arresting your thoughts in oscillating contentment. Tristan has expert sense with patience and length of these tracks. Sustaining the most alluring drone and allowing the build up to have an intricate part. Both aspects maintaining you interest and are never overdone.

So for the tape... Listen to this on souncloud. If you like it let Tristan know you are interested. Maybe he has a few more or possibly this will be part of something bigger. Most excellent, wanted to get this out there for more to hear.

Tristan Welch - facebook - bandcamp - soundcloud

Graham Repulski - I'm Even Younger Now

Graham Repulski digs in and with proper anchoring fires the temporal sonic distortion ray again. I'm Even Younger Now is fifteen tracks sprawled across both time and distance. Pleasant melodies and vocals giving way to all out frequency disruption. After last years big box set Re​-​Arranged At Hotel Strange, there seems like a recharging period would be needed. Graham has giant talent and his creativity is unbounded. His style is consistent, offering both distorted noise laden beats and more solemn reflective moments. I'm Even Younger Now is a great starting point if you have not discovered Graham Repulski. If you have, add this to Graham's vast output and find more favorites.

Released in January in an edition of one hundred. Unique covers for many cassettes. Check out the assortment on his bandcamp page while listening to this well spun composition.

Graham Repulski on bandcamp and facebook


Sometimes music lurks on the periphery waiting for the most opportune time to start sound wave penetration. Like it has it's own consciousness surveying your thoughts then nudging you for a listening opportunity. "Jerusalem—Electric" caught me of guard, patiently waiting for the time needed. Then kidney punching me and laughing, because these were sounds i like.

Nine tracks and not all that long, Blake Marlo the creative behind "Jerusalem—Electric", delivers a well crafted composition. Decaying pop enthusiasm, replaced by punk roots then slowed down for a well sustained cruise. Talent and wit make this cassette both engaging and energetic. Music for the idealistic ride through the conforming landscapes of societies constructs. "Jerusalem—Electric" will keep you on your own path, amused by the surroundings and energized by deviant beats. Blake's prose are simply descriptive and salient in their observations. The entire listen stretches across the music timeline and disappears into the future.

Releases on Trash Dog Records in October, a label out of Cookeville, Tennessee. "Jerusalem—Electric" is in both cassette and compact disc formats. Tape inventory is getting low, so do not wait long if you are interested in purchasing a copy. 

Trash Dog Records - facebook - bandcamp

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hey Exit - Slow Names 4: The Bitter Scent of Light

Lonely meanderings across endless skies and vista infinitely deep. Hey Exit's guitar amplifier lofts out a bundle of balloons, splendid happiness that drifts away into obscurity. Vibrant melodies that hang in the air and become clouded with the world around them. Beautiful energy, alive and distinct, gathering traction through measured movements over lengthy times.

Brendan Landis, the composer behind Hey Exit, takes the slow burning ambient fire and roasts the most fragrant sounds for over an hour. Reminiscent euphony stretched and blanketing listeners from the desolate coldness. The sounds above change like the colors in a kaleidoscope from beautiful arrays to blackness. The vibrations of strings hover in a blissful state as they constantly resonate with a soulful heaviness. There are shades of wounded soldiers returning from war, victory or defeat meaningless as life moves on from civilized distortion. Brendan strikes notes causing thoughts to turn inward and reveal their shaped reasons. The sparseness and patience of Slow Names 4: The Bitter Scent of Light, allows the mind to turn and form new ideas. Definitely moody and for ponderous times.

This is the second description for Hey Exit. The first cam back in June of last year for a cassette titled Caudata.There are similar tones on both, but Slow Names 4: The Bitter Scent of Light doubles up the somber notes in both intensity and length. The are five tapes in the Slow Names series with number five arriving before number four and number one gone or yet to come. This cassette was released at the end of November. Not sure how many copies there are. They are currently available and very deserving of some personal listening time.

Hey Exit site - bandcamp - facebook - twitter - tumblr - soundcloud

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tingo Tongo Tapes - West Coast cum Sardinia - various artists

A compilation diving through atmospheric layers with a parabolic approach to the planets surface. This Tingo Tongo Tapes release never explodes or causes an impact crater. Extreme sounds are held in check with an experienced hand at the controls. This makes West Coast cum Sardinia a more than perfect launching point for experiencing Tingo Tongo and how this label is connected to surrounding electronic artists.

SWUMP THANGS, 13 Fires, WHEREAS, poopdood, Existence Habit, Captain Captain, Elegant Humanoid, Divine Brick, PRESENT and FAILINGS make up the artists on West Coast cum Sardinia. Lost in a Sea of Sound has described WHEREAS and PRESENT and all the rest are new to my ears.
Looking the artists and tracks over before listening created a daunting feeling of words that would be needed to describe such a fringe array of experimental en devours. Listening to the cassette was an unexpected surprise. This genre of music can push the listening spectrum to the thresholds of enjoyment, but theses tracks are so well chosen, like a finely selected garam masala to sprinkle on your listening earbuds. There were favorites the first time through, but these mutated and different tracks welled up. The compilation seems to split the middle with SWUMP THANGS, WHEREAS, poopdood, Divine Brick and PRESENT tackling more noisy fun ruckus and 13 Fires, Existence Habit, Captain Captain, Elegant Humanoid and FAILINGS more subdued in a crackling droning ambient presence.

This is a great cassette to fall in love with Tingo Tongo Tapes. Tracks are varied and the lengths are perfect. A showcase of some of the freshest new sounds out there. You can purchase a copy of this limited edition of one hundred through Mike Meanstreetz's bandcamp page.

Tingo Tongo Tapes - soundcloud - bandcamp - facebook - youtube
Mike Meanstreetz site - bandcamp - facebook

WHEREAS - CMMZOZMM // Electronic Quartet

Frequency healing by the current controlling shaman. A combination of sonic rattle shaking and subject exorcism. WHEREAS baths the sound spectrum in a thick suspending medium of sprawled out harmonics. Infinite layers of rhythms and effects create pressure points like a bed of nails or the path of glowing amber coals. With mental fortitude the beauty is dazzling, but without preparation you will be disrupted from your stasis.

Two side long tracks each twenty minutes in length. CMMZOZMM // Electronic Quartet plays like one forty minute piece with a flip in the middle. Controlled is the best word to describe this composition. There is so much content, nooks and crannies of sounds, all wafting up from the cauldron. A pinch of distortion, a dash of beats causing tiny explosions on the surface membrane. Amazingly everything stays close to the core. There are no points leaving you abandoned from experimental over clocking. WHEREAS keeps a base, a sonic foothold, and distorts the atmosphere surrounding it. This creates a very listenable environment that becomes more appreciated with each time through.

WHEREAS is a project of Cameron MacNair, Mike Meanstreetz, Omar Zubair and Maneesh Madahar. I described a cassette recently by the band PRESENT with Mike Meanstreetz as a member. CMMZOZMM // Electronic Quartet is released on the Los Angeles label Tingo Tongo Tapes. This is a mysterious label uncovering the most recluse sounds. You can purchase a copy of this WHEREAS release from Mike Meanstreetz's bandcamp page. In an edition of one hundred.

Tingo Tongo Tapes - soundcloud - bandcamp - facebook - youtube
Mike Meanstreetz site - bandcamp - facebook